Welcome to tenderistheknife!

The name is derived from my twin passions of food and fiction, though here, I focus on food.  It refers to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night, and we all know how essential a sharp knife is to crafting a good meal from fresh, whole ingredients.

As noted in the tagline, I am “mostly” vegan. I qualify “vegan” because I do eat honey (which many purist vegans eschew) and since my motivation for remaining vegan is entirely health-based, I am vegan only in diet (i.e. I wear leather, etc.).

I enjoy cooking from scratch (anything from a quick, 10-minute bento box lunch to a 12-hour feast) and I thrive on exploring new ingredients, cooking techniques, cuisines and dishes. Here, I’ll share my favorite recipes and comments on restaurants I visit. I am an avid consumer, and so the occasional product review may find its way in here as well.

I hope that you enjoy your visit and look forward to hearing from you!